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MySQL insert/update/delete/select goes slow sometimes

As I am using InnoDB as a database engine, the query goes slower sometimes it takes 20 seconds or more often.

I know the solution it can be done via my.conf to change the value of innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit to 2 it can solve my problem I also want to do that but as I have shared hosting so they are not allowing me to do that.

I also tried with MySQL query

And i tried this query

but it is also not allowing me too because I don’t have super privileges to perform this action.

I have database with 25 tables, and in 4 tables there are 4000+ records and in rest tables, there are below 100 records

So is there any other solution to speed up the query performance.? Any help will be appreciated.

Use profile to check the cost time in each step;

  1. set profiling=1;
  2. Run you query;
  3. Check the query: show profiles;
  4. List the time cost: show profile block io,cpu for query N;

Find the step which has the high Duration

It shows like this

Possible problem: Index, Order by, File sort, Use temp table..